Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dancer girl

Sophie had her first dance recital ever last weekend. She was beyond excited. We were challenged by the request of her teacher to get her hair into this bun!! But, we did it! Sophie had a huge, cheesy, proud grin on her face through her entire dance. We were so proud of her and happy to see her enjoy herself so much!!

Quitting the FB

I've decided (again) to quit Facebook. I've been noticing that a couple things are happening for me:

1. I blog a lot less. I have my blog linked to FB, I blog and then wait to see if anyone will "like" it or what comments they might have. It becomes too narcissistic for me. I originally set up my blog as a "memory keeper" for me. I can't remember anything. So, I really want my blog to be something that I keep current and don't write for anyone else. To be fair, I keep it public because I really, really enjoy reading other people's blogs and being part of their world (or at least what they share on their blogs)

2. I read someone's post on someone else's wall and think...Wow, they are such good friends. Do I have relationships like that? and then the dangerous step...and does the world know it??

3. I read someone else's status about what they are doing for the Lord or in their ministry and I think - What am I doing? I wish I could be doing more.

So, I think I will save time and spend it thanking the Lord for where I am now and what He has called me to be doing.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One month home

We've been home from China for one month (bet the title didn't give that away, huh?). It's been a whirlwind, really. I'm amazed at how well this little man has adjusted and become a part of the family. It is A LOT of work with these two little kids. Micah at 2 1/2 has a lot of energy and is a very sensitive soul. He cries alot. About everything. I love that little mug though. Silas is a crazy, dare devil with a large piece of accident prone thrown in there. We are pretty much constantly parenting one of the two of them. Silas is still getting rocked to sleep for nap and bedtime with a bottle. We aren't ready to cry it out just yet. He doesn't let Dan rock him to sleep yet. Dan isn't giving up though. He keeps trying. Silas keeps winning. I'm sure his day is coming. We are challenged with trying to make sure everyone is getting what they need. But we are still standing. That's something, right??