Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How it starts

I found this in my gmail archives the other day...I found it really funny, because, well...it was just about saving money....

and...the control we had over the timing...yeah, not so much : )

1:48 PM me: mary anne from whfc just sent me an email
if we get paper work post marked by tomorrow it saves us $400 over the course of the adoption. I am willing to work on it today
do you think it's worth it?
1:49 PM Dan: is there money involved in doing that?
1:50 PM me: $1600
Dan: whoa!
me: or $1750 after tomorrow
Dan: good to save money
me: then the next fee goes up a couple hundred too
1:51 PM Dan: originally, i thought it couldn't hurt to update the home study while audrey would be there because that would save money and would still give us the option to move forward
this will be a commitment that we're definitely in
not saying no...just now it's for real
1:52 PM me: ummmm
it's been real for me though
are you not there?
Dan: i was definitely getting there, but up until now, it seemed like i didn't need to "be there"
all the way
1:53 PM i want to do it
me: we still have control over the timing
we don't have to submit paperwork until we are ready
meaning home study
and CIS
1:54 PM Dan: do we need to send the $1600 in tomorrow?
me: ye[
Dan: can we post date the check :)
is this thing on?
1:55 PM i just flew in from vegas and boy are my arms tired
try the veal?
me: what is happening?
was that your way of saying that was a joke?
Dan: i put a :) after the post date comment
1:56 PM me: uh huh but then you did a stand up routine
1:57 PM Dan: because you didn't respond and then i said "is this thing on"...you know, like a comedian that doesn't get a laugh
me: you didn't even give me a minute to respond
Dan: how much work do you need to do on the paperwork?
is it an application?
me: okay anyway sounds like waiting is what you want to do
Dan: not necessarily
1:58 PM $1600 was just a little shock and like i said made it a firm commitment vs. let's keep going with little investment
1:59 PM can you get what you need done by tomorrow?
would i need to sign anything before work so it gets postmarked tomorrow?
2:02 PM me: i will have to print it
i haven't looked at it yet

10 minutes
2:13 PM me: you are cute
its mostly just signing your life away

Monday, February 21, 2011

and then there were 5

I have no idea why I haven't blogged about this yet, but, it's time!

I spend (and have for quite some time) looking at special needs lists and advocate blogs. We were in the process of doing paper work for a special needs China adoption. Our agency had a policy that they don't match you with a child until you have a LID (log-in-date) in China. I was fully on board with this policy - it translates to less time waiting for a specific child and more time just general waiting. The hard, hard waiting is when you are looking at a picture of an adorable child. This was the plan. Until....

I saw this face!
I first saw this adorable face on a blog where a lady was advocating for some kids in China. This sweet boy shares a birthday with me. I just felt connected to him somehow. We switched agencies to pursue this little man. This is only the very beginning of the story though...more later.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hearing Him

I was able to attend Created For Care in Georgia this weekend. Such a great time! One of the speakers talked about teaching our kids to hear from the Lord the way Samuel did. It's as simple as asking them to listen for what God is telling them when you read a Bible story. Our conversations have been a little abstract to say the least, but it's a great exercise for kids to know that God speak through His word.

My sister-in-law had back surgery a few weeks ago, so we've been able to have some extra hang time with cousins. So fun all snuggled up and reading together. We are reading the Jesus Story Book Bible for the second time through with Sophie. Every story points to Jesus and refers to Him as "the rescuer". I love this Bible! Micah just saw the picture of the Bible on Amazon and says "Bible. Bible. Daddy read Bible." That kid is awesome!

*It was clearly bedtime. The bags under my eyes speak for themselves.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Congratulations to our "Squares" Winners and a BIG thank you to everyone who played

Thanks again to everyone who played the Super Bowl squares game and contributed to the adoption fund. We are really blessed to have such great friends and family.

Below are the winners if anyone was curious.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Completed Squares

Thanks everyone for playing. Below are the completed squares.

Good luck!