Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break 20-10

We had a chance to spend a week in the Big Easy (New Orleans) with Rob and Julie and kids. We had such a great week. Super relaxing - as much as can be with 9 kids. I won't mention the 17 hour drive one way and Micah's choice to limit himself to a one word/one volume vocabulary.... "Mommy!!!". I didn't mention that. We were a little bit of a walking freak show where ever we went, but that's why New Orleans is a great place to visit. Freak shows abound.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

First Haircut Southern Style

...the after shot

It's a tricky thing sometimes being a white mom of an African baby. I get a lot of comments about his hair. I talk about his hair a lot. There is a certain pressure - probably mostly in my head - to not ruin his hair. So, after a year of being home, we decided to trim the curls. I looked for a place around home to get Micah's hair cut. I was unsuccessful. I will leave my methods unmentioned for now. I certainly did not drive around on Tuesday afternoon saying "are there any black people in there?" to Makenzie. Thursday and Friday we made the trek to North Carolina. By the time we arrived, Micah's hair was completely matted to the back of his head from all the time in the car seat. My sister, Jennifer , recommended a barber shop where my nephew had gotten his hair cut. This place was a major throw back to the 50's. It was incredible! The barbers were hilarious and were super cute with Micah. We tried to get some good before and after pictures, but Sophie got a hold of the camera and was doing some major paparazzi work!
Sophie taking pictures of random patrons.
Here we go....
At least Mom is smiling!
My favorite! This is the guy who cut Micah's hair. He was obviously super happy about the photo shoot.

Cowboy Micah!

Our church had a chili cook off tonight. Micah was putting on everyone's gear as we were taking it off. The froggy pj's are his!