Friday, September 16, 2011

15, really??

How is it possible that we have a 15 year old? Seriously, can anyone 'splain that to me?? This girl is straight up goodness! She is such a giving, helpful soul! She is the best big sister any kid could ask for.We are blessed. Kenz took drivers training this summer. She's not too bad. She is working hard to save up money towards the purchase of a car. She's a hard worker and a great saver! Watch out world. This girl's on her way!!

Lame-Momma Summer

Bubba helped build a tower to the ceiling! A HUGE hit!
The best smile - EVER!
Silas with his buddy, Tess.

I was such a bad photo taker all summer. I have a few, but not nearly enough. Especially considering that in order to remember what we've done, I have to go through pictures. Oh well.

A short summer recap:

  • Spent one weekend at Camp Dearborn, where we very quickly discovered that Silas is too young for us to go to Camp Dearborn. Watch out next summer. We're all over that.
  • Spent Labor Day at a great lake house up north (thanks Mom and Dad!!). We quickly discovered (apparently long weekends are very eye-opening) that we can be excellent parents if we don't have to work, cook, or clean. It was a relaxing weekend all around. There was a beautiful porch with an incredible swing. It was the perfect amount of outside for me. I could get a cup of coffee and sit outside. Perfection!!
  • Spent lots of time playing referee. The boys have come SO far in their squabbles. They are starting to become friends and play together. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Silas is talking a TON. He's got a great sense of humor. He cracks Micah up all the time. He has this stern face that he makes at Micah when they are in their car seats. It's hilarious. I've tried to catch it on my phone several times, but I am trying to drive and all!
Perhaps Fall will afford us more time for pictures and blogging. I'm just sure of it.