Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Letter of Approval

We are officially approved by China to adopt Mr. Silas!! We were thrilled. Our approval came faster than they normally do! We are hoping for a speedy travel approval (prayerfully, we will have him in our arms by June at the latest) and then on to meet this adorable mug!! Those cheeks!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Sometimes I have moments where I can fall into the feeling that I've forced my older kids to sacrifice by adding little kids to our family. There are many things that we choose not to do in order to have a larger family. Disney isn't really in the budget. Quiet isn't in our near future. They are required to contribute more to household chores.

And then... there are moments like these...

I am literally frozen in my tracks...watching this bond. Her growing, maturing. Him being loved, taught, nurtured. Me - humbled. Sometimes (most times) the challenge provides growth.