Monday, September 28, 2009

She's black just like Micah

My sister Lauren got "the call" today. We have a beautiful niece waiting for her Mommy and Daddy in Ethiopia.  She is just adorable.  I can't wait until we meet her face to face.  Sophie's comment when she looked at the pictures was "She's black, just like Micah".  Can't get anything past her.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My fickle love affair with attachment parenting

So, as my mom likes to say - we take a perfectly great sleeper and turn them into a mess. The problem with attachment parenting is that you need to get the kids to need you. Done. Now what?  We have historically been putting Micah to sleep in our arms for his 2 naps and bedtime. I LOVE putting him to sleep. I love snuggling and smelling his sweet smell. This kid has killer baby smell!  Anyway, as we approach a new school year with two middle schoolers and a pre-schooler the rocking to sleep luxury must go.  So, we've been trying a new sleep technique. For two days I sat in the miniature chair next to his crib while he puts himself to sleep. There is minimal crying for the most part. This morning I moved the chair across the room.  I am sitting by the door way this.  Sophie is taking advantage of this time. She just walked in the hallway to show me the "surprise" she has for me - a raw egg. This parenting stuff just gets better and better.