Friday, August 17, 2007

My Lips Hurt Real Bad

The cut under the eye is from a previous incident! That is one fat lip!! Seth has been attempting some stunts with the skateboard ramp. This one didn't work out so well for him!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday and Ethiopia

I've decided to try to do better at this blogging thing - mainly just as a keepsake for my kids.

Makenzie turned 11 yesterday! It's amazing that she can continue to get older, but I don't! Aunt LoLo tried to show everyone up with the great birthday present she gave Makenzie. Addie was born at 10:04am. It was sort of strange to be at the hospital 11 years later - it was much easier this time for me :) We had plans for Makenzie's birthday and she was super gracious about postponing the plans. I know that Makenzie and Addie will enjoy spending birthdays together for years to come!

In other news: The Neal family dossier is in Ethiopia. We were officially added to the waiting list for an infant boy from Ethiopia with Wide Horizons for Children yesterday. Everything we've been waiting for arrived on the same day! The wait will be about one year until we get a referral. We all know how fast that year will go!