Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's almost summer!!

We are excited to be almost done with school over here. My part is pretty well done. Both kids have a handful of math lessons left and then we are on break! I have been so impressed by what they learned at Classical Conversations this year.  Seth improved his reading by 4 grade levels this year!!!!! He worked so hard and is loving reading now.  Makenzie is approaching teenage-hood and all that entails.  She has found a recent love for photography and really has a gift for it. I am amazed! The photo to the left is one of her creations.
Micah is doing great! He is so sweet and such a low key little man. Sophie is still in love with him and it is pretty mutual.  He laughs when she walks into a room. Hopefully, that love will continue.  I am so grateful for our family!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What is going on here??

Since we've added an little Ethiopian man to the family, we've apparently taken things up a notch or two.  The last couple times I have gone to the grocery store with both Sophie and Micah, I felt like people were staring at us.  My last trip occurred at about 5:30pm -- okay, so I haven't been much of a planner since Micah's arrival -- I was walking out with Sophie behind me. Sophie is a Neal and that means that she talks CONSTANTLY.  She had a bag of Funyuns that I let her get because I was trying to avoid a breakdown -- mine as much as hers.  So, this man in a shirt and tie stops me and says "M'am, I am a principal in a Detroit public school, and I have to ask you - what is happening here?  Help a brother out."  Waving his hand around my kids.  Keep in mind that nothing was "happening".  My kids and I were simply walking out of the grocery store. I introduced Micah and Sophie as my children.  He had a few questions about how I "got" Micah. Some people ask questions out of curiousity, some are interested in adoption, or know a family "just like ours" - not this joker.  I don't know what his angle was, but he wouldn't leave me alone. I started walking out, I've got dinner to make afterall, and he follows me asking questions about why Madonna couldn't get a baby from there then.  I try to be open to answering questions, but find myself irritated with some people who are so nosy and rude.  I was reading an article that suggested putting it back on the other person by saying "why do you ask?".  I need to remember that one.