Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Day!!

"A boy that is 0-18 months old 8/8/2007"

Our agency puts out a list of who is next on the waiting list. Guess who it is?? US! We are next on the list for an infant boy! We are cautiously optimistic!

Rob and Julie got the call yesterday. We were all floored. After waiting for 15 or so months, it seems like a good concept, but not reality. I can't post pictures, but take it from me. He is adorable!!

We're next...we're next!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My baby is 3! - but don't worry there's another on the way!

We celebrated Sophie's 3rd birthday quietly this year. She was sick on her birthday which is so sad because for the last 5 months whenever anyone told her no about anything she would reply "Maybe for my birthday?". She was just so excited for that day. She woke up just not feeling well. She was mostly over it by that evening. We celebrated on Sunday evening at the park with family. Check our her mosquito bites on her forehead while she is "working" on her computer. She is a favorite among the flying pest population.

The first picture is Sophie on her 2nd birthday. Her hair is growing - just slowly. We've had such a great year with our little girl. She has changed so much in one year. She LOVES Dora and all things Dora. She says that she is Boots. The rest of us are assigned different roles on different days. Her brother and sister are head over heels in love with her. I would have thought that after 2 years the honeymoon would be over. Not even close. She just has a way of winning people over. She is just such a sweet, funny, smart little girl.

I spoke with one of our social workers at our agency. She thinks we will have our referral for our little baby boy before the end of the year! We are excited and anxious to see his face for the first time!