Friday, April 18, 2008

Double Digit Boy,

You are 10! It seems so hard to believe. Your first 10 years have been filled with many mixed emotions. You have made me laugh many more times than you've made me cry though - what more can a mom ask for? You used to try to make me cry - when you were mad at me you would yell behind you on your way to your room "I not going to kiss you ever again!" I have to admit now that we're past it - I never believed you.
More recently, you are moving on to other women. The other day you were telling me about a drawing on a wall at school. You described it as a heart with the letters L&S written inside. You were trying to guess which girl "hearted" you. I didn't feel the need to share that it could have been a boy who's name started with an L because you were so sure. You said "Who wouldn't like me? I mean, look at me". That confidence will serve you well in life, my boy. You should have other women either laughing or crying soon -- maybe both. You are currently trying to convince me to let you go one year haircut free. Just for the record, I'm not sold!
You are all boy. You are working on digging an island in the back yard. I think you are mainly just working on digging. This year you've had a broken thumb and a broken foot - just from being a boy. You are so interested and wise about all things science. You got upset with yourself for pouring water into the sink instead of outside where you could "continue the water cycle". You frequently teach me things when you get home from school. I am amazed at your capacity to learn.
You are quite the evangelist too. You are always asking to invite friends with you to church. You've done a great job bringing people closer to Christ. You have a heart for adoption just like your parents. You commented that after our adoption from Africa you'd like to "adopt a boy from Hawaii next, so he will have surfing in his blood like Sophie has karate in her blood". Hmmmm.
No matter what people say about the teenage years, I am looking forward to the next 10 years with you my sweet boy. Thanks for making us laugh and for being such a lovable guy. We love you buddy!