Friday, December 12, 2008

For credit...

When I'm dead and gone (parenting 3 year old and 12 year old girls simultaneously is sure to put me in an early grave) I would like it noted that I tried to be fun. It rarely worked, but I tried.
"We" made Christmas cookies this week. The kids did all the work on their own. They did an awesome job! I did help with the eating. I do what I can...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sophie Bear

Julie brought this bear for Sophie at Thanksgiving. It is the softest, sweetest little bear. It has 2 different textures to it and has the China flag on it's foot! It is a great celebration of Sophie's Chinese heritage and is another way that we have been able to embrace the story of how Sophie came to be a part of our family! We are always looking for natural ways to talk about our journey to Sophie. This bear provides us another way. We can point to the flag and say this is China and Sophie
will tell us that is where she was born.
Please check out these awesome bears and other great items here!

I got this report from a woman with our agency, who went to visit her baby in Ethiopia. She sent a few pictures and this info. It is so great to have the smallest details about someone who has become such a huge part of our lives in a such a short while. I think this is what she is referring to by the eyebrows : )

Awate is delightful. He's tiny, tiny, tiny. Can on occasion be a little fussy. But usually only crying when he's hungry. He's like a little man complete with a HEAD just full of hair. When he's concentrating, cutest thing in the world ... he knits his eyebrows together you can just imagine how he will DO THE EXACT SAME thing when he's an adult. The nannies say he's very serious. He's got gorgeous soft skin and a KILLER smile. He loves the belly rub and and ear message. He gets the giggles. Very sweet little boy. Hope this helps.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two Years!!

Two years ago today we met Sophie Mei for the first time! What a difference two years can make! We all fall more in love with her everyday...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Micah's room

Julie decorated Sophie and Micah's room this weekend. I'd like to say she helped me, but I was the assistant - I am clueless. She isn't a decorator, but she could play one on tv. It turned out so cute.

I've got a few more details to fill in on the changing table/dresser, but I love it so far! Thanks JuJu!!


Rob, Julie, Caleb, Josie, Rylie and Caden came to spend Thanksgiving with us. We were reminded daily (literally by Julie - that we have babies waiting for us in an orphanage in Ethiopia). Their absence was felt. We can't wait to spend next Thanksgiving with you Cruz and Micah. We had such a relaxing Thanksgiving. Most of us never even got out of our jammies! Dan and Rob got up early and ran the turkey trot. The race proved to be easier than locating the car after the race...those two are quite a pair.