Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where'd you come from?

Isn't she gorgeous??

Sophie's answer to this question is always "I a baby I live in China. My nanny take care of me." People are generally asking a much more light hearted question, but I love that it is just part of her. She knows that she is Chinese (probably not what that means), and she is happy to tell the world!

Big Boy

Micah has his first "big boy" food - avacado & watermelon
Micah pulling himself up at JuJu's house

Micah is growing up! Just this week he has started moving...forward. He has been scooting backwards for a few weeks, but he is on his way forward now. He is such a sweet baby boy. I can't remember what our lives were like without him.

I occassionally sit back and watch him and Sophie interact and just marvel at how good God is! I also find myself asking "what next?". Crazy huh? I guess that speaks to what a great baby Micah is and how well the other kids have meshed with him. I am excited to see what God has in store for us next.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Photos

I FINALLY figured out how to make my pictures less blurry with my new camera. I was the paparazzi around here today. With the young ones away - I find it awkward how much the older ones want to pose for the camera (or stare in the mirror).

Tom Selleck

Dan shaved his beard -- there was some talk of Stanley Cup Finals or some nonsense in there. Not sure what hockey has to do with his beard, but I digress. This is what he was sporting. I triple dog-dared him to keep it for three days. He was not up for the dare. It was real hard to take him seriously, so I'm glad it's gone.

Oh, the hair matched the 'stache - he's usually super cool.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As of now, I will be finding a more culturally diverse Kroger to do my shopping. Or, perhaps I will wear a shirt that says either "Apparently, you think I can't see you staring at me, but I can" or "Yes, I do have an Ethiopian baby and a Chinese toddler and no I'm not trying to be Angelia Jolie". Seems like a lot to read while passing by, but for the length of time these people are staring at me. I might be ok.