Sunday, July 29, 2012

Arg! Micah is 3!

I know as a mom, I'm supposed to say that I can't believe Micah is three already. But, the truth is it seems like he's been around forever! :) He's such a sensitive, emotional guy. Someday, he's gonna make some lady very happy with how in touch he is with his emotions. And, expressive as all get out. We are thinking about hiring him out to the local fire station should their sirens ever malfunction. He's also quite a little lover though. He's a great snuggler and boo-boo kisser.

We had a pirate party in the park for Micah's third. The biggest hit was hiding gold coins in the pebbles. The kids searched for pirate's booty for a LONG time. It was the perfect place to celebrate Micah. He loves to be outside.