Thursday, February 21, 2013

4 years?!?

We met this handsome guy four years ago today. Thanks, Alex for having a birthday today - it serves as a great reminder! We don't do big "gotcha" day celebrations at our house. Birthdays are a big deal across the board and I'm just too tired to make a big deal about 8 different days. Lame? Probably. When we told Micah at dinner that it was his special day, he promptly put in a request for the gun he wanted since he can have "anything in the world, today!". See what I mean about too much work?

He LOVES to see himself in crazy pictures.

And this guy, are you kidding me with how cute he is?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend of cold!

Global warming, nothing! It's crazy cold here. The kids are enjoying the snow, though. They got some new shovels yesterday, but might be a bit confused about where to shovel. I always think they are super cute out there!
Silas wins the "dweeby-ist" picture award. He made a sink out of legos and insisted that we all wash our hands, complete with his sound effects many times. He knows how important hand hygiene is!

I finished this project for my friend Rachael's birthday. I had a lot of fun making it and enjoyed completing a project! 
Soph and I had a great lunch together at Qdoba on Satuday. I love their nachos. Sophie thought they were a little too spicy!
This picture cracks me up. It was a rare day of sun in Michigan. Probably still only about 20, but Micah had the answer for that.

Makenzie spent the weekend at Bair Lake working in the kitchen for a middle school retreat. Seth was around, but has  a real aversion to me taking his picture - bummer!